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Suzie Katz is a photographer, producer, speaker, educator, juror, and non-profit organization innovator. She has photographed in over 70 countries and her work has been published, exhibited, and sold worldwide. Early in her photographic career she was honored as one of 50 leading contemporary photographers in an exhibition entitled “Women Photographers Now”.

Suzie gives back to the world, sharing her way of thinking she has learned, into her educational non-profit organization PhotoWings, whose mission is to highlight and help facilitate the power of photography to influence the world.  It helps photography to be better understood, created, utilized, seen, and saved in a number of ways across generations, cultures, and disciplines.  PhotoWings documents and shares the knowledge of leaders in and around the photographic world through 100’s of hours of original interviews and partner presentations.  PhotoWings, along with its innovative partners, have created on-the-ground opportunities along with educational content through lesson plans, curricula, international workshops, and exhibition documentation that can be freely utilized for replication, adaptation, or inspiration. This educational content is created to be useful in work and in life, incorporating skills valued in social/emotion learning and executive function skills.


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